Applicability of the Act

To any premises where manufacturing activities are carried out with the aid of power and where 10 or more workers are/were working OR where manufacturing activities are carried out without the aid of power and where 20 or more workers are/were working.


Employer to ensure health of workers pertaining to

• Cleanliness Disposal of wastes and effluents

• Ventilation and temperature dust and fume

• Overcrowding Artificial humidification Lighting

• Drinking water Spittoons.


Safety Measures

• Facing of machinery

• Work on near machinery in motion.

• Employment prohibition of young persons on dangerous machines.

• Striking gear and devices for cutting off power.

• Self-acting machines.

• Casing of new machinery.

• Prohibition of employment of women and children near cotton-openers.

• Hoists and lifts.


Working Hours, Spread Over & Overtime of Adults

• Weekly hours not more than 48 hours.

• Daily hours, not more than 9 hours.

• Intervals for rest at least ½ hour on working for 5 hours.

• Spreadover not more than 10½ hours.

• Overlapping shifts prohibited.

• Extra wages for overtime double than normal rate of wages.

• Restrictions on employment of women before 6AM and beyond 7 PM.


Welfare Measures

• Washing facilities

• Facilities for storing and drying clothing

• Facilities for sitting

• First-aid appliances – one first aid box not less than one for every 150 workers.

• Canteens when there are 250 or more workers.

• Shelters, rest rooms and lunch rooms when there are 150 or more workers.

• Creches when there are 30 or more women workers.

• Welfare office when there are 500 or more workers.


Employment of Young Persons

• Prohibition of employment of young children i.e. below 14 years.

• Adolescent workers (15 to 18 years of age) are permitted with less working hours and special conditions.


Annual Leave with Wages

A worker having worked for 240 days @ one day for every 20 days of working.


Penal Provision

• For contraventions of Provisions of the Act, imprisonment upto 7 years or fine upto Rs.2,00,000/-.

• For continuous contraventions of the Act, imprisonment upto 10 year and/or fine upto Rs.5,000/- per day