Object of the Act

To fix minimum rates of wages in certain category of employments & industries.


Applicability of Act

• The Act will applicable to certain schedule of employment in respect of which Minimum rates of wages have been fixed by the Act.

• It applicable to employees directly employed or employed through contractors, in such schedule of Industry.


Fixation of Minimum Rates of Wages

• The appropriate government to fix minimum rates of wages from time to time for various industries/schedule of employments.


Procedure for fixing and revising Minimum Rates of Wages

Appointing Committee issue of Notification etc.

Composition of Committee

Representation of employer and employee in schedule employer in equal number and independent persons not exceeding 1/3rd or its total number one such person to be appointed by the Chairman.


Payment of Minimum Rates of Wages

Employer to pay to every employee engaged in schedule employment at a rate not less than minimum rates of wages as fixed by Notification by not making deduction other than prescribed.

Minimum time rate wages for piece work

Not less than minimum rates wages as fixed.



For Over time work, the wages to be paid at double the normal rate. (1½ times or for agriculture labour)

Maintenance of registers and records

• Annual Returns

• Register for Overtime

• Register of Wages

• Wages slip

• Muster Roll


Penal Provision

For breach of provisions of the Act, the employer shall be punishable with imprisonment upto 6 months and/or fine upto Rs.500/-.